Electronic version of the magazine «Ohotnik»

The Journal of the Military Hunting Society was born back in 1930 as a mouthpiece for military hunters, called upon to find additional sources of food supply for the army, to be an example of dexterity, endurance, observation and determination in combat service and study. The hunter is an invulnerable and merciless defender of the Motherland to the enemy. At first, the magazine was called «FIGHTER-HUNTER». He went under this name until 1941, and in 1965 was revived with the name «Hunter».
Today, Ohotnik magazine is the only specialized non-commercial publication in Russia. The authors of the materials are leading industry experts and reputable hunters. Each issue contains articles on current topics, recommendations and consultations of scientists and practitioners on all issues of hunting, economics, legislation, world experience in environmental management.


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